Professional interests

Geotechnical engineering;

Coastal engineering;

Fluid mechanics;

Statistic dynamic mechanics.

Key Experience in Coastal engineering

Shoreline long-term evolution and coastal geomorphology;

Sediment transport processes and its probabilistic prediction;

Predict coastal cliff-beach erosion by numerical modeling or centrifuge experiments;

Slope stability analysis, seepage, scour and overtopping of geostructures;

Numerical or analytical modeling and its finite difference or finite element solutions.

Key Experience in Geotechnical engineering

Slope stability analysis (limit equilibrium method and finite element method);

Seepage analysis or piping (finite element method and empirical formula);

Overtopping, erosion and scour of geostructures;

Seismic Design (high earth rockfill dam or concrete faced-rockfill dam);

Soil structure interaction (FEM model) of soil with concrete or geosynthesis materials;

Deterministic and probabilistic optimization design (embankment, dam, pile, soil nail);

Numerical or analytical method in geotechnical engineering.

Key Experience in Fluid mechanics

Quadtree-based inundation simulation;

Flow model over a planar surface or channel; Reservoir routing.

Professional memberships

Member of Chinese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering of Chinese Society of Civil Engineering;

Member of the Soil Dynamics Commission of the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering in Geomechanics

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