• Ph.D. (in Hydraulic Structure Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering)), March 2001, Dalian University of Technology (DUT), Liaoning province, China. Thesis.

  • M.S. (in Solid Mechanics), June 1997, ShanDong University (SDU), Shandong province, China. Thesis.

  •  Bachelor Engineering degree (in Highway and Bridge Engineering), June 1994, Shandong University, Shandong province, China


    Jul., 2007: in Venice, Italy, attend the XXXII IAHR Congress.

    Feb., 2007: Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research (SNIFFER) FLOOD RISK MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE. DUNFERMLINE.

    Aug., 2003: attend the XXX IAHR Congress in Greece.

    Jul., 2003~Oct., 2003: Attending a training of the probabilistic modeling of dike failure mechanisms and the application of these methods for safety evaluation in the Netherlands. (The co-operation programmer between Directorate-General Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in the Netherlands (Delft), and the Flood and Drought Disaster Research Center in Beijing (FDDRC) of the Ministry of Water Resources in China).

    Aug., 2002: Attending the International Association for Second International Symposium on Flood Defence in Beijing.

    Nov., 2001: Training for the Application of Mapinfo GIS system on hydraulic engineering in IWHR. Studying the usage of MapBasic, Mapinfo Professional, MapX, MapXtreme. 

    Oct., 2001: Training for the Visual Basic including the grammar, interface developing, database, graphic access and ASP script language in Chinese academy of sciences.

    Apr., 2001~June, 2001: Attending the advanced training course of English in Peking Foreign Language University.

    Sep., 1998: attending the special Sino-Japanese Forum on Performance and Evaluation of Soil Slopes under Earthquakes and Rainstorms in Dalian.

    Jun., 1998: attending the Fifth National Conference on Soil Dynamics of China.

    Apr., 1998: attending the symposium of the 8th soil mechanics and foundation engineering of China in Nanjing.



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