1. WU Xing Zheng. Nomination (25 finalists) of AJE's Gold Medal Researcher contest in 2016.

  2. Y.Y. Wang, X.Z. WU. Comparison on flood risk analysis between Dutch and Chinese Method. Best paper, 2005, Chinese IWHR.
  3. Wu X. Z., L. Q. Ding, J. J. Zhang. Application of Monte Carlo method on probabilistic design and risk analysis of leeve [pdf in Chinese]. Proceedings of Recent Advances in Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction. Yellowriver Water Conservancy Press. 2002. 215-225. (10:200).(Best paper award).

  4. Wu X. Z., L. Q. Ding, J. J. Zhang.  Research on Probabilistic Design Method of Flood Defences [pdf in chinese]. Journal of the hydraulic in Chinese.2003, (4): 87-93. (100:1500).(Best paper award).

  5. Excellent graduate student of Dalian University of Technology in 1999.

  6. The Master thesis was selected to be a first-class thesis by Shandong University of Technology in 1997.

  7. Shandong province's Excellent Student Chairman in 1996.

  8. Excellent graduate of Shandong University of Technology in 1994.

  9. Shandong province's Excellent Student in 1993

  10. First-grade scholarship and excellent student of Shandong University of Technology 1991-1994.



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