Research Projects


[23] "Geometric reliability algorithm and experimental study of pile foundations considering parameter uncertainties". Project Holder. Supported by the Hebei Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. E2019201296). 2019.01-2021.12.

[22] "Geometric reliability algorithm of cast-in-place pile based on probability density contours". Project Holder. Supported by the Key project of science and technology research in Colleges and Universities of Hebei Province (Grant No. ZD2018216). 2018.01-2020.12.

[21] "One Province One University Project". Project Holder. Supported by the Advanced Talents Incubation Program of the Hebei University (801260201262). 2016.10-2020.10.

[20] "Rating and Testing of Structural Risk Models for Cascade Reservoir Dams". Co-PI. Supported by the Three Gorges Cascade Dispatch & Communication Center. 2016.02-2017.08.

[19] "Mechanism and method of risk prevention and control for water release and auxiliary building of cascade reservoirs". Co-PI. Supported by the National Key Basic Research Program of China as part of Grant no. 2013CB036405. 2013.01-2016.12.

[18] "Software development of pullout tests of soil anchor". PI. Supported by the Geotechnical Engineering Group at Beijing Building Construction Research Institute (BBCRI).

[17] "Recognition of the risks based on scientific computing". Co-PI. Supported by Prof. Ping Lin‘s ‘1000 talents program’ at University of Science and Technology Beijing. 2011.08-2016.07.

[16] "A foresight future evolution implications of flood risk assessment by integrating near-shore beach morphological behavior". Co-PI. Supported by EPSRC Platform grant: Earth systems engineering: Systems engineering for sustainable adaptation to global change (Uncertainty analysis). 2010-2014.

[15] "Incorporating beach morphological changes to flood risk assessments attributed to climate change in a regional perspective". Co-PI. Sponsored by Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Phase II (Coastal). 2009-2010.

[14] "New geotechnical approaches to soil biological processes". Co-PI. Sponsored by UK Joint Research Council (MRC/EPSRC/BBSRC) Discipline Hopper scheme (Ref: G0800). 2008-2009.

[13] "A Risk-based Framework for Predicting Long-term Beach Evolution". Co-PI. Supported by UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council. Grant No GR\L53953. Jan. 2006-Sep. 2008.

[12] "Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Soft Cliff Erosion". Co.-PI. Grant from the Leverhulme Trust (F/00143/D). 2004-2005.

[11] "Flood Disaster Prevention Center (FDPC)-06---Research and Development of Key techniques of Dike Safety Management and Flood Risk Assessment". PI. World Bank project.

[10] "Structural risk assessment of an entire dike section (dike ring) at characteristic flooding water level". Project Holder. Supported by the fund of Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research of Chinese Water Resources Ministry. 2003-2004.

[09] "The objective reliability and risk assessment of embankment". Project Holder. Supported by the Youth Acceleration Fund of National Electric Power Corporation. 2002-2003.

[08] "Risk evaluation and strengthenment decision-making of earth-fill dam". Project Holder. Supported by the fund of Excellence Youth Scientist of Chinese Institute of Water and Hydropower Research. 2002-2003.

[07] "Key techniques in concrete-faced rockfill dam by using soft rocks". co-PI. sponsored by National cooperation group. 2001-2003.

[06] "The Design of Mianchuanzhou dike section strengthening in JiangXi Province". Co.-PI. duration: Jan., 2002-Oct., 2002. contract value 120,000 US$.

[05] "Studies on fundamental issues related to reinforced concrete faced rockfill dams with the level of 200m in height". PI. Supported by the National Science Foundation of China (Key NSF Project). 1997-2001.

[04] "Studies on 3-Dimensional dynamic nonlinear equivalent linear approach and Its application". Co.-PI. supported by the 9th Five-Years Plan Project. 1997-2000.

[03] "Study on elasto-plastic dynamic analysis method of slightly inclined sea floors". Co.-PI. supported by the Science Foundation of the State Key Laboratory of Costal and Offshore Engineering of Dalian University of Technology. 1996-1998.

[02] "Discontinuous deformation and nonlinear seabed soil dynamic mechanics". Co.-PI. supported by the span-century talent of the State Education Commission of China. 1999-2002.

[01] "Studies on fundamental issues related to material characteristics of Geosynthetic and Its application". PI. supported by the Science Foundation of Shandong province. 1995-1997. 


Other practical projects

"Accelerated consolidation and comprehensive utilization of alkaline residues in the north costal area near Dalian Chemical Engineering Factory" supported by the Scientific and Technical Commission of Dalian Government (PI; 1996-2000);

Treatment of soft ground and liquefaction analysis.

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