[00] In the UK:

    3rd year BENG in Coastal Engineering (5 hours);

    MSC in Coastal Flood Risk (6 hours);

    MSC in Asset Management of Flood Defences and Dams (2 hours).

    MSC in Computational Engineering Mechanics (Fluid) (12 hours) 

Other courses:

    Advanced Soil mechanics / Numerical analysis in geotechnical engineering

    Stochastic differential equation / stochastic processes

    Computations or numerical methods in civil engineering

    Probabilistic optimal design in civil engineering

[01] Soil Mechanics 142053 14DFC04211:

    Chap00;    Chap01;    Chap02;    Chap03;    Chap04;     Chap05;   

    Chap06;    Chap07;    Chap08;    Chap09;     HomeWorks       Tsinghua's Edition

    ChapD01;     ChapD02;     Chap03;     ChapD04;     ChapD05;  

    ChapD06;     ChapD07;     ChapD08;     ChapD09;     HomeworksD     HBU's Edition  

      undergroundhbu@163.com (Entitled with:  student-number[20154244001]_name[in Chinese])    Refs    HW Marking Criterion    教学大纲  

[02] Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing 142053sy 14DFC04211sy:

    01 Sieve analysis;              02 Density;                                                    03   Water content;

    04 Liquid & Plastic limit;     05  Standard Proctor Compaction Test;        06   Permeability Test;

    07 Consolidation Test;        08 Direct shear;                                             09 Triaxial test;

    实验报告册(更新版)关于实验4-6的几点说明    绘制压实试验最优含水量[R代码]

    关于实验7-9的几点说明   绘制三轴试验莫尔圆并求强度参数[R代码]      教研论文       教学日历    Marking Criterion  

[03] Foundation Engineering 141229 14SDC04242:

    Chap00;    Chap01Theory;    Chap01Practice;   Chap02Theory;   Chap02Practice;  

    Chap03Theory;   Chap03Practice;   Chap04ATheory;     Chap04BTheory;    Chap04CPractice;

    Chap06;       Chap08ATheory;    Chap08BPractice                         Minghua Zhao's Edition

    Chap00;    Chap01;    Chap02;    Chap03;                                        Tsinghua's Edition

    Chap04A;    Chap04B;    Chap05A;    Chap05B

    HomeWorks   HW marking Criterion   

[04] Curriculum Design of Foundation Engineering 141238 14SDC04243:

    01 Design Task;    02 Design Note;    03 Module Demo;    04 撰写规范writing specification;    05 Formulas Symbol;    06 Marking Criterion;

    06 Class02 Listing;      06 Class03 Listing;     bonus for early birds

[05] Underground Structures 142073 14SDC04282:

    Chap01;    Chap02;    Chap03;    Chap04;     Chap05;   

    Chap06;    Chap07;    Chap08;    Chap09;     Chap10;     

    Chap11;    Chap12;    Chap13;    Chap14;

    HomeWorks   HW Marking Criterion    undergroundhbu@163.com (Entitled with:  student-number[20154244001]_name[in Chinese])      Refs   

[06] Curriculum Design of Underground Structures 142074 14SDC04283:

    01 Design task;    02 Design note;    03 Marking Criterion;    04 撰写规范writing specification;

[07] Fortran Programming 50c52014:

    Chap01;    Chap02;    Chap03;    Chap04A;  Chap4B;   Chap05;   

    Chap06;    Chap07;    Chap08;    Chap09A;     Chap9B;  

    HW01;   HW02;    HW03;    HW04;    HW05;    HW06;   HW07;   HW08;   HW09;     Refs

[08] Fortran Programming 50c52014sj:

    Practice01 ; PracticeFinal; PracticeExamAnswers; Homework collection

    FPS4.0; ScreenCaptor ManualBaiyun

    fortran20154244@163.com (Entitled with:  student-number[20154244001]_name[in Chinese])

[77] Fortran 95 Programming 142059  / 141259 (Pratice):

    Chap01;    Chap02;    Chap03;    Chap04;   Chap05;   

    Chap06;    Chap07;    Chap08;    Chap09;

    Editplus95     BeyondCompare95      FTN95       HomeWorkSolutions

[09] Professional English for Civil Engineering 141220 14SDC04255:

    Chap00;    Chap01;    Chap02;    Chap03;    Chap04;   Chap05;   

    Chap06;    Chap07;    Chap08;    Chap09;    Chap10;    Chap11

    Online Dictionaries     dict.cn        HomeWorks   HW Marking Criterion   GroupedListing   

[10] Implementing statistical fitting and reliability analysis in R

    01 R PPTs;      02 ExamplesByWu;    03 RTeach  or  BaiduPan (提取码 r4pt)     04 Download

    欢迎加入QQgroup: 土力学+R语言 222594944  /  GeoRiskR研讨群 460750401  /  Duyuan锚杆723276302  /  PileBetaG 194088381

[11] 141219 Supervision: Final year's undergraduate thesis  (本科毕设)

    Optional Topics   土工构筑物可靠性分析与设计;软土地基处理设计;地下建筑结构内力计算与设计;水工建筑物稳定性评价等方向

    2017级    2016级    2015级    2014级    2013级   Weekly Reports Template   

    2014级 吴英杰 特定流域下渠道边坡稳定性的概率分析  拟在期刊投稿1篇

    2013级 王瑞凯 不同场地中基桩相应荷载-沉降双曲线的离散性分析  在工程质量期刊发文1篇

[12] Structural reliability theory and its application S0902202

    Chap00;    Chap07;    Chap08;    Chap09;    Chap10;    Chap12

     HW01;    HW Marking Criterion

[13] Supervision: Master or MSc Thesis  (硕士学位论文)

  Weekly Reports;      每年可招收土木工程(学硕)/土木水利(专硕)的研究生,欢迎优秀学子(不论是结构还是岩土方向,尤其是对数学和编程有较大兴趣者)请邮件联系

   2020级 陈  钰;  Opori Daniel Duah;  刘伟超;  马晨哲   

   2019级 刘  赫  

   2018级 王瑞凯 (EI收录期刊发文2篇, 国家奖学金)

[14] Calendar of Dr Wu in Autumn Calendar of Dr Wu in Spring Calendar of HBU Present;    Calendar of HBU Previous 

[15] Attendance 141220PE;  141229FE;  142053SM;  142053SY;  142073UG; 


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